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Single Touch

Plan your trip whenever you feel like. Change your weather whenever you want to.

Customized Search

Search the nearby places as per your choice of weather. Search around within a radius or a count.

Weather Forecast

Get current weather report or forecast for a target trip date. Powered by Openweathermap.

User Friendly

Easy to use. Route trip using Maps or share your trip with the world on Facebook.

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Weather report of the current location on a Tap

Get current weather report of your location. Updates with your location change or Click on the Refresh button to update get the latest report.

Multiple weather to choose from

Provides next 16 days of forecast. All weather types are explained at: OpenweatherMap Weather condition codes.

Custom place search for those who love Old School ;)

Get weather forecast of the place you want to travel to.

Tap on the place of your choice from the list.

Dynamic list provides name and weather type of the places, along with the optimal travel distance and time from your current location.

Check out multiple days of forecast on a single page.

Tired of going back and forth. This new design lets you view multiple (~ 16) days of weather forecast info on a tap away in a single page, with scroll design to give a unique feel.

Find out the weather of the entire route.

Planning trip is so easy now. No worries of unwanted weather in your route. Check out the list of the places in the route and their weather type on the trip date. Helps you make a full-proof plan.

Plan your route using Maps or share your trip on Facebook.

Get the temperature (min/max), pressure and humidity forecast of the date at the selected place. Check out the route using Google Maps. Share with the world using Facebook Share or message your friends personnaly using facebook messenger.

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